This app called Foody is a game app for children that uses AR technology. In this game, children try to get different virtual foods, fruits and so on by using their real plate or dish. These foods are classified into two categories, healthy and unhealthy, and are rated according to their usefulness and non-usefulness. By moving their dishes, they should try to put healthy foods that have high scores in their dishes. In this way, they can become acquainted with healthy foods and increase their interest in such foods. Also, after the end of the game at the specified time, according to the healthy foods that the child has placed on his plate, he is given a suggested menu that the child can offer them to his mother and let his mother make it for him. In addition to being fun and entertaining for the children, this app encourages them to eat healthy foods.



Interactive Design


Faezeh, Shane


2020- For one month


Adobe Aero, Adobe After Effect