Branding for Food Bank of the Central New York

Food Bank of Central New York serves as the main food distribution hub for hundreds of partner agencies that comprise the emergency food network in eleven county service region across central and northern New York. The Food Bank provides more than 14 million pounds of food – the equivalent of 12.1 million meals – to hungry families, children, and elderly every year.The Food Bank’s latest distribution initiative, Mobile Food Pantry (MFP), is an effort to reach communities and individuals in areas of unmet need. MFP is a practical distribution method to work around food access obstacles and food deserts. The Food Bank can set up a distribution virtually anywhere with space to accommodate vehicle parking, tents, and tables – serving food directly to hungry families and individuals in underserved areas. In this project, we as students in MFA in design were supposed to design Bag, Box , magnet and receipy card for the MFP. This project has done in collaberation between Syracuse University, Food Bank and Pepsi.



Graphic Design




2019- For one month


Photoshop, Illustrator